Canadian Arctic ACE/OSIRIS Validation Campaign
Daily Reports from PEARL

February 24-26: The journey to Eureka
February 27: The 2014 campaign begins!
February 28: Getting into the rhythm of PEARL

March 01-02: Measurements, troubleshooting, and clouds
March 03: Cloudy day
March 04: More clouds
March 05: Last day at PEARL with the full Intensive Phase team
March 06: Second half of the Intensive Phase begins
March 07: The sunny day we have been hoping for arrived!

March 08-09: Fascinating fog fills the fjord
March 10: The return of clouds
March 11: Over the hills and far away
March 12: Wonderfully warm winter weather
March 13: Routine
March 14: Pi day

March 15-16: Rabbit!
March 17: Routine PEARL Operations
March 18: 2014 ACE Campaign Intensive Phase Complete

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