Canadian Arctic ACE/OSIRIS Validation Campaign
Daily Reports from PEARL

February 25-26: Pre-campaign summary and the journey to PEARL
February 27-28: The first weekend at the PEARL Ridge Lab

February 29: An encouraging day at PEARL
March 1: Settling in at PEARL
March 2: The first cloudy day
March 3: High winds and a temperature inversion - Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds
March 4: Ideal measurement conditions means stunning views
March 5-6: A rather cloudy weekend

March 7: Clouds and troubleshooting
March 8: A snowy day in Eureka
March 9: Outstanding conditions for an ozonesonde launch
March 10: Back to clear skies and the revival of PARIS-IR
March 11: Overcast skies and a quiet day at PEARL
March 12-13: More blowing snow and a vortex split up

14 March 2016: Returning to PEARL
15 March 2016: A glimpse of sun
16 March 2016: A great day for measurements, a better day for a hike
17 March 2016: A brief day of measurements
18 March 2016: The perfect last day at PEARL

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